The application scope of filter press in the chemical industry: dyes, pigments, bleaching powder, phosphor, mercury, soap and various acid-base salt chemicals. The application types of filter press products in the chemical industry include: box filter press, diaphragm filter press and plate frame filter press. These filter press products have been widely recognized in the chemical industry. The filtering effect is good and the quality meets the standard.

In modern industrial production, filter press has become an indispensable equipment in industrial production and plays an irreplaceable key role. In the chemical industry, the coverage rate of filter press is more than 70%, and many large chemical enterprises choose to apply filter press. The analysis shows that the filter plate of the filter press has good sealing performance and high acid and alkali corrosion resistance. Taking the treatment of calcium carbide slag as an example, the filter press acts on the recycling process of calcium carbide slag slurry wastewater. Through solid-liquid separation, the calcium carbide slag slurry is divided into clear liquid and calcium carbide slag cake, which has high separation efficiency, clean filtrate and low water content of filter residue. The implementation of pressure filtration process not only eliminates pollution, but also makes rational use of clear liquid as production water, which helps customers greatly reduce the comprehensive production cost.

Due to its own advantages of filter press filtration and the ability to provide users with good overall solutions tailored according to industry types and material characteristics, filter press also plays an important role in many other industries, and the prospect of filter press is bright.