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    With the increasingly fine particle size of useful components in mineral raw materials and the increasingly strict dehydration requirements for raw materials, the continuous vacuum filter is becoming more and more powerless, which forces people to carry out technical transformation of the original vacuum filtration process and actively develop new filtration equipment that can better meet the requirements of modern dehydration. Therefore, in recent ten years, various pressure filters have come out one after another, and stand out with good dehydration effect and remarkable economic benefits.

    In production, solid-liquid separation equipment is usually used to separate the required metal compounds from other impurities and their compounds, so the performance of the equipment directly affects the metal yield of the whole process. In order to minimize the metal loss in the production process, solid-liquid separation equipment with good performance is essential. At present, the commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment in tantalum niobium smelting mainly include vacuum suction filter, plate and frame filter press, box filter press, belt filter, vacuum disc filter, etc., among which the box filter press is widely used. With the progress of production technology and equipment, people have tried to use filter press and has formed a trend, which plays a great role in improving filtration efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of operators and improving the working environment.