In recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to the equipment upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry, which requires the equipment to be safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and meet the process requirements. The three in one equipment that combines the three operations of filtration, washing and drying into one equipment is widely used, especially the tank type three in one and the ball dryer. However, for the process with high viscosity, difficult filtration, washing, low temperature drying, low drying weight loss and large output, the selection of such multifunctional equipment can not meet the requirements. Generally, the filter press has strong adaptability to the filtration process and large output, but the traditional filter press can not meet the functional requirements of low-temperature drying. Therefore, the advent of the multifunctional filter press integrating filtration, washing and drying provides an additional way for the selection of three in one equipment.

The multifunctional filter press has the functions of filtration, washing and drying. It is based on the box filter press equipment, combined with the process unit operation of filtration, washing and drying of pharmaceutical intermediates. At the same time, the closed operation of the integrated machine reduces cross pollution. The operation of multiple process units of filtration, washing and drying is concentrated on one closed equipment, which avoids the transfer of materials and reduces the risk of cross pollution. Fully automatic operation, simple operation, reduce operators and reduce operation intensity. The equipment operates automatically from feeding to discharging in the process of filtration, washing and drying, reducing the number of operators, reducing the operation intensity and reducing the labor cost.

The filtering area is large, and the working chamber is heated on both sides, which increases the heating area, improves the vacuum heating and drying efficiency of the system, and greatly shortens the dehydration and drying time. Large output and reduced operation cost. The filter plate and heating plate can be designed in the form of increase and decrease, and the production capacity can be adjusted appropriately to meet the requirements of batch output. The main machine adopts box diaphragm embedded underflow hot water heating form, and the material is discharged after the equipment is sealed and dried, so as to avoid the impact of solvent emission on the environment. Explosion proof design shall be adopted for all electrical and instruments. Equipped with intelligent control system, the data is automatically stored and processed, and the storage time can be set according to the demand; The data shall not be lost and traceable, so as to provide basis for long-term safe operation and process control. The automation of the production line is realized, and the equipment system is directly connected with the subsequent processes such as the crushing system, so as to reduce the manual operation in the material transfer process.