Because of the solid-liquid separation, the filter press occupies an important position in the environmental protection industry, especially in the treatment of sewage industry: with the process of China's urban-rural integration, more and more people will live in cities in the future, so the amount of domestic sewage produced can be imagined, and the demand for such sewage equipment will also increase rapidly. To realize the solid-liquid separation in the process of sewage treatment, first separate the solid impurities and water in the sewage, and then carry out the next step of solid and water treatment.

In addition to environmental protection, the lack of river water treatment will not affect the quality of our normal life. It also needs a filter press to realize one-step treatment and separate the sediment and other particles in the river. Only in this way can we improve our living environment.

The future development of filter press is becoming larger and larger, not only in our chemical industry, but also in the current environmental protection industry. We should correctly understand our filter press equipment and use it in our life.