Company profile

Shandong Pasawang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. This picturesque city is known as Jiuda Tianqu, Shenjing Menhu” in Chinese, for it is a very important hub of communications. As an open and modern city, Dezhou has its own virtues as inclusiveness.

Pasawang ---- Relentless pursuit for the realization of the clear water basket! The company has advanced production equipment, by which product quality has reached national standards. And our company has been rated as "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Unit" and "Quality Standards Unit" for many times. In our team, we have excellent managers, high-tech talents, and more than 20 provinces in the sales area. As a result, this is a joint enterprise with standardized operations. As an environmental protection professional operator engaged in filter press and water treatment technology, Pasawang Environmental focuses on providing customers with development and production including filtration equipment manufacturing, filtration technology overall solution, environmental engineering general contracting and sewage treatment equipment. A thorough solution to the purification of municipal and industrial waste water provides solutions. 

The product line of our company is widely distributed covering almost all areas of environmental protection, including: coarse grid, fine grid, grid slag conveyor, sand absorption and sand water separation equipment, microporous aeration disc and aeration tube, aeration brush, Various types of scraper, various types of sludge thickener, sludge dewatering machine, and sludge concentration and dewatering integrated machine, complete sludge digestion technology and equipment, sewage plant electrical and self-control complete sets of technology, various gates and so on. Self-developed filtration equipment including filter press, vibrating centrifuge, mixer, conveyor, automatic dosing machine, double drive thickener, scraper, filter cake crusher, etc., widely used in environmental protection, chemical, food, pharmaceutical , metallurgy, coal preparation, tailings and other solid-liquid separation fields.

Providing one-stop service for customers has created the diversified development of Shandong Pasawang. The needs of customers are our pursuit. Let us be based on honesty, work together, develop continuously and create brilliance together.

Corporate culture is a new modern enterprise management. It is a norm that is gradually formed in the practice of production and management. It is the mission of the characteristics of the enterprise team, the vision, the spirit, the values and the management system of management, the norms of employee behavior and the image of the company's external image.

Since the establishment of Shandong Pasawang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., in the process of production and operation, it has formed a corporate culture with youth, vitality and innovative development as its core. This culture will also inspire us to keep pace with the times, innovate and develop, and create high quality. Pasawang's environmental protection cause has made another brilliant achievement.